Two Apps becoming one!

Deposit Checks from our Mobile App!

We believe that you deserve the best technology possible and continually strive to improve your banking experience, which is why we are combining the eDeposit app into the AccessBank Texas mobile app.

Starting Monday, July 1st, 2019, our AccessBank Texas mobile app will now allow you to deposit checks. It is the same procedure you are used to with the eDeposit app.

Simply open our mobile app, go to the home page, click on the “Deposit” button, and follow the prompts.

Now that eDeposit is on the mobile app, once downloaded, feel free to delete the separate eDeposit app. The eDeposit app will be disabled on July 1, 2019.

Enroll in Online Banking Before Downloading the App

To use the mobile app, you will need to be enrolled in online banking first.

Not enrolled in online banking yet? Get started now by clicking on the link below:
Click here to enroll in online banking
. (By clicking here, you will go through a series of electronic forms. Complete each one to enroll in Online banking.)
  1. 1st form: Electronic Disclosure Consent Statement
  2. 2nd form: Internet Banking and Bill Payment Agreement
  3. 3rd form: Online Internet Banking Enrollment Form

Get the App

Download the free mobile app for online banking and access eDeposits.

Download for Android devices
Download for Apple devices

Accessing eDeposit Through Your App

  1. From the Home Screen, select “Deposit”
  2. Follow the prompts

Call 940-382-3962 or Contact Us if you have any questions or need assistance.