A Great Partnership for Growth

A Great Partnership for Growth

Why do I choose AccessBank Texas? It’s a great partnership for growth!

Dr. Paul A. Whatley grew up in Ft. Worth and attended Texas Christian University for his undergraduate—Go Frogs! He moved on to Georgetown University where he would achieve his dream of becoming a doctor. Starting a new chapter in life can be difficult, scary, and exciting.

Dr. Whatley completed his fellowship in Orthopedic Surgery, and specializes in sport related injuries. After all the hard work and training, Dr. Whatley and his wife both Texas natives wanted to come back to the DFW area and make a home for their three children. With only a contract for employment at Texas Health—Dr. Whatley began the journey. Finding a suitable house for his wife and children was not an easy task, but they had found the one. They started looking into financing options and hit some bumps along the way. Dr. Whatley turned to a trusted advisor who then recommended AccessBank Texas.

AccessBank Texas was highly responsive to Dr. Whatley’s need, and in less than a 48 hour turn-around time.  Over the last seven years of being in practice and continuing his personal and professional banking relationship with AccessBank Texas Dr. Whatley says; “I really feel like we’ve grown together.”

When you’re ready for new opportunities, choose AccessBank Texas!